Nature is full of medicinal plants with potent compounds.  We believe in properly harnessing the potential of nature's most effective plants and making the resulting products available to those of us who wish to use natural products to improve health.

Throughout the history of human societies, various cultures have amassed invaluable knowledge about plants and their effects on human health.  We use these historical teachings as a guide to then look for modern scientific research on how compounds from the plants have  proven effectiveness.



We rely on peer reviewed studies to verify what nature has gifted to us and tradition has pointed out to us.  Only when there are impressive results in human clinical trials, do we have confidence in its safety and efficacy.


Look at the studies yourself for ingredients in each Nutri-Thrive formula by clicking on the links in the works cited on each product's page.

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Made in the USA

Manufactured in the United States at Solara Labs Inc. and Columbia Nutritional.  Both of these manufacturing labs are registered with the FDA, inspected and confirmed to be cGMP compliant.

Third Party Tested

A sample of each batch is sent to an independent lab to be 3rd party tested.  The lab tests for both purity and potency, ensuring that our products have the optimum amount of each ingredient and that there are no contaminants found.

Focus on Human Trials

We rely heavily on the evidence of peer reviewed, human clinical trials to gauge the efficacy and safety of supplements. We consistently scour the science coming out, with statistically significant results in human data, to bring you effective cutting edge supplements.

Peer Reviewed


We rely on research that has gone through the peer review process and been approved. That means that a panel of scientists who are not involved in the particular study, must examine and validate the parameters and completion of the study. The peer review process is a protection barrier, ensuring that falsified studies do not make it to the referenced work.

Purity & Potency


A certificate of analysis is available upon request, guaranteeing both the accuracy of the substance (potency), as well as it being free of contaminants such as heavy metals, molds, etc...

GMP Compliant


Our supplements are made in the USA, under strict manufacturing guidelines, at a GMP compliant facility. To maintain a GMP certification, the facility must be inspected and registered with the FDA.

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