Optimized Jiaogulan



is a natural adaptogen that has been used in China traditionally for

thousands of years, where it is often called the "immortality herb", and was regarded in a similar manner as Ginseng. Modern HPLC testing has shown that Jiaogulan contains the same active ingredients found in ginseng called ginsenosides*, as well as unique ginseng-like molecules that have only been found in jiaogulan. These molecules are called "gypenosides", and show similar adaptogenic qualities of ginseng, while having unique benefits not found in Ginseng.

The most notable benefits of jiaogulan are the metabolism improving effects of heat-treated jiaogulan extracts. Jiaogulan is traditionally consumed as a tea, and modern scientific testing has shown that the heat-treating process alters the gypenoside molecules in jiaogulan and creates new molecules  with potent metabolism boosting effects. These molecules improve sugar and lipid metabolism by activating a metabolic pathway called "AMPK" that is normally only activated by fasting and exercise. They also inhibit an enzyme known as PTP1B that is known to cause insulin resistance and is being studied by pharmaceutical companies for its potential to treat obesity and Type II Diabetes by inhibiting PTP1B.

Optimized Jiaogulan

is the first product to combine raw and heat-treated

Jiaogulan extracts (raw gypenosides & ActivAMP®) to simultaneously inhibit PTP1b (62, 63) and activate AMPK (35, 64), ensuring full-spectrum health benefits.  ActivAMP® has been shown clinically to improve weight loss in humans (2), with an average loss of 20.9cm2 of abdominal fat over 12 weeks (2).

A Metabolic Adaptogen to Improve

 Weight Loss & Metabolism

The main ingredient in Optimized Jiaogulan is ActivAMP, a unique heat-treated extract that has been shown to cause weight loss in overweight individuals (1, 2). ActivAMP has been show to reduce waistline by an amazing 20.9cm2 over 12 weeks in overweight adults in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study (2).

The heat-treating process has been shown to change the chemical composition of the extract (64), mimicking the traditional method when Jiaogulan is brewed as a tea. This heat-treatment has been shown to improve the metabolic benefits provided by Jiaogulan (2, 35, 64). ActivAMP activates a master regulator of metabolism in the body known as AMPK, which stops fat from being stored, and starts fat burning. This is a benefit that only ActivAMP provides, other jiaogulan extracts cannot activate AMPK and provide these benefits that are traditionally provided through the tea. (64) 

What Makes It "Full Spectrum"?

While Optimized Jiaogulan contains heat-treated ActivAMP to ensure the health benefits found in scientific trials and traditional use, it additionally contains raw gypenosides to ensure that the complete spectrum of health benefits is ensured.  While all scientific human trials have used heat-treated extracts (1-5), the majority of animal and in vitro research uses raw gypensosides for their experiments, and this research shows other promising health benefits, described below.

"The Immortality Herb"

Jiaogulan has quite an interesting and unique history of use.  It was first described in 1406 AD as a survival food, but really gained interest in the 1970s when China did a population census and found that certain geographic pockets of the population were disproportionately living to 100.  Scientists took great interest and started to study these regions and their habits.  This is when the daily consumption of Jiaogulan tea was first correlated to quite impressive health benefits.  

The people of these regions described it as "like ginseng but better than ginseng," and described it as both a cure to numerous ailments, as well as a tremendous mediation to fatigue.  Since this discovery, Jiaogulan has been of great scientific interest. Modern scientific testing has shown that Jiaogulan contains the same compounds found in ginseng that provide its potent health benefits, as well as over 50 compounds unique to jiaogulan that have health stimulating properties.  It has now been confirmed that Jiaogulan contains over 100 ginseng-like saponins, while ginseng contains only 28.  Though the history of this herb is delightful, its health benefits are obvious when tested in humans, outperforming green tea in improving blood glucose control, which was used as the placebo.  (3-5, 107)

Proven Health Benefits In Humans

Human Clinical Trials Have Shown That Jiaogulan Positively Benefits:

  • Weight Management (1, 2)

  • Blood Sugar Control* (1, 3-5)

  • Insulin Sensitivity* (1, 3-5)

  • Reduction of Liver Fat (1)

*Through the reduction of fasting blood sugar, fasting insulin, glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), and blood glucose AUC

Health Benefits Shown In in vitro & Animal Models

Results From Animal & In Vitro Studies Suggest That Jiaogulan  Also:

  • Improves Immune Response (7-14, 85)

  • Increases Whole Body Antioxidant Levels (21, 25, 27, 32, 41, 42, 48, 78, 79, 81-83)

  • Reduces Inflammation (15, 67-72)

  • Is Cardioprotective (44-48, 65-73, 86)

  • Reduces Ulcers & Improving Gut Ecology (16-20)

  •  Is Neuroprotective & Cognition Preserving(21-31, 76-83)

  • Stimulates Insulin Secretion (36-38)

  • Reduces Anxiety (30, 31)

  • Reduces Skin Aging (84)

  • Protects Liver & Kidneys (41, 49, 50, 51, 72, 74, 75)

  • Reduces Cancer (52-57, 87-105)

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